“The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”

(John 1:14)

We recognize the mystery of the Incarnation as the foundation of our spirituality, the reason we live: “a life for God and a heart for others.”

The congregation has as its charism the call to make the love of God as shown in the Incarnation, a real and tangible presence in the world. The mission of the congregation is to actualize the saving and healing love of Jesus, the Incarnate Word, by promoting human dignity. Moved by the Holy Spirit, the sisters examine the reality of their world and discern the needs of the church. (Constitution of the Congregation.)

The Word becomes RELATIONSHIP and calls us to communion.
The Word becomes HUMANITY and calls us to welcome the fragile condition of humanity.
The Word becomes PRESENCE and calls us to welcome Him/Her in another person.
The Word becomes COMPASSION and calls us to feel another person’s pain.
The Word becomes SACRAMENT and calls us to be the prophetic signs of His/Her love.
The Word becomes EUCHARIST and calls us to be the bread of life for another person.
The Word becomes CONTEMPLATION and calls us to see our world with new eyes.

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