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CCVI Migrant, Immigrant, and Refugee Network

“Like Jesus Christ, forced to flee”

The Migration Crisis Call to Action Network (CAN)

This CCVI working group for migration, recognizing the current serious problem of the people on the move, was born to work and advocate for the dignity of all people in all circumstances.

Plan 2020

Identifies four key areas of need facing the many migrating individuals and families, as well as those of caring mission workers and organizations that have as their basic foundation providing help to those in need. Each goal area identifies key objectives, priority activities and specific actions to be accomplished in the immediate future through CCVI and partnership efforts.

By working through existing migration relief structures and organizations, the Migration Crisis CAN Plan responds to the present urgency while developing future sustainable and adaptive processes for responsive longer term solutions.

  • Education Goal: Promote educational programs and missions that provide an accurate and historical perspective of the global migration crisis and the people impacted by such movement and upheaval.
  • Health and Families: Provide for the basic needs of individuals and families along the migration pathway.
  • Communication & Media: Developing effective tools to share information about the migration crisis to target audiences.
  • Legal Processes and Resources: Representing/advocating for just practices and resources for migrants/ refugees.

The person in charge of the CCVI Migrant, Immigrant, and Refugee Network is Alejandra Buitrón, you can contact her: alejandra.buitron@amormeus.org

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The SURGE project is a proposal for action communication directed and coordinated by young people, led by Sister Adriana Calzada.

The objective of the CCVI Youth Project is to help young women and men acquire tools of discernment for their growth in the path of faith and in their social and ecclesial commitment through the discovery of the spirituality of the Incarnation.

The Congregation will accompany them in the process of creating and living an integral life project. Through entering into relationships with young people, the Sisters will grow in understanding new styles and forms of expression.

“We are all called to belong to the church because, in the end, we are the church, the community that our Lord Jesus Christ founded.”

YOU, young man and young woman, have a very important role in this family!
Our role is to invite others to belong to our church: to love our neighbor as ourselves, to give what we lack and not what we have leftover, to believe in a world full of peace, fraternity, and happiness giving ourselves to prayer. It is in the church where we are in communion. We are in different places, in diverse communities and realities, demonstrating that our faith keeps us active and with all the desire to continue working as a team for others.

Pope Francis invites young people to build a social friendship, seeking the common good leaving aside differences and beginning to find common ground among us, to join efforts to seek the peace that is good for all.

In Jesus, we, young people can recognize each other. Jesus taught us to be brave; we have seen in him a faithful love with his disciples. In the same way, like us, he experienced feeling misunderstood. Jesus teaches us today to abandon ourselves in the safe hands of the Father and the force of the Spirit.

We understand that the role of young people in the church is vital. For this reason, we agreed at our last SURGE meeting to contribute together our grain of sand.

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Advent 2022

Advent 2022

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