Invitation to the #SolidarizArte Short Film Contest

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Solidarity without Borders

Do you dream of having your name on the list of credits for a great movie or documentary? Start with a short film and share a story about Solidarity without Borders with the CCVI community in the first edition of #SolidarizArte⭐🎥 Don’t be afraid to become a star!

In commemoration of International Migrants Day, the SURGE community and the CCVI Migrants, Immigrants and Refugees Network invite students, professionals and the general public to participate in the first #SolidarizArte Short Film Contest.

The short film should present a fictional or real narrative about human mobility (migrants, deportees, asylum seekers, internally displaced persons and refugees). It can portray current events that motivate or force people to migrate, the realities and contexts people face during their transit and arrival in other countries, and stories of solidarity, reception and integration of migrants and refugees in our communities.

Through this call we propose to give rise to narratives, testimony, the manifestation of ideas, concepts and visions on the theme of human mobility and the reception and integration of migrants and refugees in our communities.

¡Get together with your friends and participate! Scan the QR code to read the contest rules and email us at with the following info to sign up:

  • Name and age of team members.
  • Telephone number and e-mail address of the main contact.
  • City of residence.
  • Group photograph presenting the team (screenshots accepted).
  • Authorization of parent or legal guardian in case of minors under 18.



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