Commitment Renewal: God for the Service Paths Community

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Praised be the Incarnate Word!

The joy of renewing the commitment we made a year ago is a gift from God for the Service Paths Community [Comunidad Senderos de Servicio]. We are grateful to Jesus and we lived our renewal with the Mercy and Tenderness Community [Comunidad Misericordia y Ternura], on Saturday, April, in Zapopan, Jalisco.

In the talk that Father Antonio da Rocha shared with us, he emphasized the importance of living the testimony we made a commitment to give, by actualizing God’s saving and merciful love.

In the celebration, we were accompanied by Sister Rosantina Garzafox, Sister María Teresa Fernández, Sister Elba Leticia Gracián, Sister Paula María Hernández, Sister María de la Paz Rodríguez, and the novices Elizabeth Mendoza, Carlota Torres and Candelaria Temich.

It was a pleasure for us to receive María Elena González, Deyanira Cortés and Lizbeth Castañeda, representatives of the Incarnate Word Associates General Team (EGAAVE).

By Norma Belén Téllez Ramírez AVE, from Comunidad Senderos de Servicio.


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