We have wonderful and exciting news to share with you!

The Board of Directors of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation has approved a 1.8 million dollar grant for our Congregation to extend our Mission and to establish a network of collaboration with other religious congregations and organizations.

The Hilton Foundation specifically chose our Congregation because it believes in our Mission and its trust in our capability to network with others as part of a global Sisterhood. We are already involved in a wide collaboration network, and the Hilton Foundation found this very promising. These collaborative networks are part of the Foundation’s strategic plan.

The partnership with Hilton will strengthen our ministries and will be another step forward in collaborating with others, including religious brothers, sisters, and similar values-based organizations, in responding to critical needs.

The grant funds will be awarded over a three-year period to create, coordinate, reinforce and expand the Catholic Sisters Inter-Congregational Network for Migrants and the Economic Empowerment of Youth and Families across the United States and Mexico. The grant will allow different projects to be developed in both of these areas across several of our ministries.

We celebrate this exciting news as we continue to expand our ministries to meet the urgent needs of society today. With this partnership, we will revitalize our overall Mission with renewed spirit and energy. We look forward to the opportunity the Hilton Foundation has entrusted to us. We ask for the Holy Spirit’s guidance as we develop processes to begin this new venture. We will keep you updated as we move forward. Please keep this initiative in your prayers.


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