Journey of Reconciliation: Holy Thursday

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By Adriana Calzada, CCVI

We have journeyed this Lent praying with our reality of rupture and the need for reconciliation. Thus, and with the turn our world has taken in the past weeks, we come to the Easter Triduum. Today, Holy Thursday, like Friday and Saturday, is full of symbols. One of the most striking on this day is the act of service of Jesus to his disciples. The freshwater that will fall on the feet of the disciples to clean them of the dust of the way. The refreshing sensation, the cleanliness and the tenderness with which Jesus touches the feet are wonderful. Today, do the exercise of feeling how Jesus does this with your feet, with your hands, with your wounds, with your pains, and with your fears. May this very intimate act move you to the depths of your heart, that will lead you to meet those around you with a different attitude, with a new disposition, with a renewed love to continue building bridges, repairing ties, reconciling ourselves with our environment and therefore reconciling our hurt society. This profound act of love, on the part of Jesus and yours, in this time of uncertainty, fear, sadness, illness, and death, is urgent today, to remind us that we are in this together.

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