Meet Godbertha

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Meet Godbertha, a member of a Tanzanian women’s group supported by Women’s Global Connection (Ministry of CCVI) known as BUWEA, the Bukoba Women’s Empowerment Association.

Godbertha and her husband Philemon live as peasant farmers in the Kabale village with their three daughters and one son. Godbertha wished that one day all of her children, even her daughters, could go to school and graduate.

Through WGC’s animal grants program, they received a pig. When that pig had piglets, Godbertha and Philemon were able to sell the piglets and pay for her daughters to go to school. Since then, her children have graduated from secondary school and her granddaughter Catherine is going to primary school.

Because of the generosity of others and the help of WGC, Godbertha has been able to change not only her life but the life of her family and future generations.

Godbertha became a member of BUWEA and learned how to run a business and keep accurate records. She took a full-time job managing a nearby milling station even though it went against the norms of her culture. Because of her education and hard work, Godbertha’s family no longer lives in a home made out of mud and sticks, but a sturdy house of stucco with a sanitary ventilated pit toilet.

The life of Godbertha’s children and her granddaughter Catherine are forever changed. They will have the resources to actually go to school and be healthy.

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