Reasons for Hope

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[God has shown us over and over …] God has not abandoned his people, and he has not left them to be vanquished by even, because he is faithful.

These [actions of God] are the reasons for our hope. When everything seems finished, when, faced with many negative realities, and faith becomes demanding, and there come the temptation which says that nothing makes sense anymore, behold instead the beautiful news brought by those swift feet: God is coming to fulfill something new, to establish a kingdom of peace. God comes to bring freedom and consolations. Death will not triumph forever; there is an end to suffering. Despair is defeated because God is among us.

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  1. Thomas DeFreitas

    The reflection tonight makes me think of two scriptures: first, the book of Hosea, especially the 14th chapter. The prophet Hosea was faithful to the unfaithful Gomer, and similarly, God is faithful to a people whose faith might waver and be buffeted by circumstance. Secondly, I thought of Isaiah 57, the passage that begins “On high I dwell” — and continues “also with the broken and crushed in spirit, to revive the souls of the broken, to restore the spirits of the crushed” (if my memory be reliable!).

    The constancy of God. God as refuge, harbour, haven. Yes.

    • Amormeus

      Dear Thomas, we are always grateful for your comments as they beautifully complement our daily reflections.
      “The constancy of God. God as refuge, harbour, haven.”
      Thank you so much for reading us. Blessings!


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