Rejoicing in Hope

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The final chapter of Francis’ book, “On Hope” is Rejoicing in Hope.

Francis encourages us by reminding us that God loves each one of us, and regardless our “lack of charity” or “failure to love” the risen Lord lives among us. It is he who allows us, “even in our littleness and poverty” to experience God’s compassion.

“All we can do for our sisters and brothers is but the response to what God has done and continues to do for us … we are capable of loving others” because we ourselves are poor and humble.

Francis refers to St. Paul, and his exhortation that, even though we fail, God’s love never fails. And this is the occasion for rejoicing! We are called to spread hope “by supporting and encouraging one another, and to rejoice in the hope of the Resurrection …”

God is with us; God loves us. Rejoice!


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