Thoughts about… The Global Reach of the CCVI Sisters

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From our beginning, our congregation has been committed to bringing the healing love of Jesus, the Incarnate Word, to those in need no matter where that need may be.

Responding to Bishop Claude Marie Dubuis’ call for help in 1869, three young sisters left France to come to San Antonio, Texas, to minister to “Our Lord Jesus Christ suffering in the persons of a multitude of the sick and infirm of every kind.” Our history is a testimony to the initial act of faith by Mother Angelique and the three young women sent to minister to the people of South Texas.

As our congregation grew, so did our ministries and our “borders.” From South Texas, we established many schools, hospitals, and orphanages in Iowa, New Mexico, Louisiana, Missouri, and Ohio. Today, our ministries take us across the globe.

In 1885, we established our presence in Mexico with the founding of schools and sponsoring of hospitals. In 1964, six sisters went to Chimbote, Peru, responding to the desperate needs of God’s people there; our presence in South America now includes Chile and Columbia. In 2001, two sisters went to Mongu, Zambia to begin a ministry focusing on the need emerging from the HIV/AIDS epidemic. This mission expanded to include ministry in Tanzania, and continues to this day.

Thanks to the strength of our founding call, we continue serving the people of God and responding to the needs of the times. Our response knows no boundaries. We live our lives for God with a heart for others. And, we do so where the need exists.

*CCVI – Initials from the Latin name of our Congregation: Congregatio Caritatis Verbi Incarnati (Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word), used as an abbreviation for our Congregation.


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