What’s new with MIRN?

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As a Network, most of our work is in collaboration with other actors- academics, churches, sisters, nonprofits, and shelters. It wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

This month we are seeing the results of 3 collaborations- a cycle of small conversation groups with the initiative Voluntariado en Frontera [Volunteering at the Border], the UIW Student Leadership Symposium organized by the Lewis Center of the Americas, and the invitation to participate in the National Meeting of Human Mobility, organized by the Mexican Pastoral Ministry.

Volunteering at the Border (VEF) is an interinstitutional and inter-congregational project that involves young people in Saltillo [Coahuila], Monterrey [Nuevo Leon], La Laguna [a region between the Mexican states of Coahuila and Durango], and Guadalajara [Jalisco]. VEF arises after the challenges that migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees face during their journey and integration in these cities, the constant misinformation in social media and news outlets, and the wish to accompany these young women and men on their path to becoming genuine agents of change. Because of these, we have partnered with organizations such as El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, Tearfund, Scalabrini Sisters, and Kino Border Initiative to offer a series of conversations that will try to provide an integral perspective of immigration and integration in Mexico and the United States.

The UIW Student Leadership Symposium has the goal to strengthen UIW’s identity as a unified international system and foster the development of our student’s sense of civic leadership. More specifically, for this year’s symposium, the objective is to deepen our students’ knowledge and awareness of the global phenomenon of immigration and displacement. MIRN was invited to participate as a panelist in the session “Pathways to action in Mexico City” and as part of the coordinator team alongside the Lewis Center of the Americas and the three UIW campuses: San Antonio, UIW El Bajio, and CDMX.

The invitation to participate in the annual national meeting by the Mexican Pastoral Ministry, which will take place in Guadalajara between the 17-21 October, will allow MIRN to strengthen our ties to other Catholic organizations and shelters that work on the ground with migrants, asylum seekers and refugees. This event will gather people from all around Mexico and we’re excited to meet and work on new partnerships with other Catholic sisters.

We’re sure that these collaborations will help us continue with our mission to globalize compassion, cooperation, and solidarity.


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