World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

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Friends, as every July 30, we join the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons (United Nations initiative), because “we affirm the dignity and rights of all people and denounce human trafficking and the economic and social systems that promote it.” (CCVI Corporate Stance, 2015).

This year, the Global Network of Consecrated Life Against Human Trafficking through the Care Against Trafficking campaign reminds us that we need to promote an economy of care. The UN stresses that “victims’ voices lead the way.” We invite you to join us in prayer this July 30 and visit the websites of both global organizations where you will find a variety of prayer, education, action and advocacy resources.

While human trafficking and migration are different issues, they are interrelated. Globally, the majority of trafficking victims are migrant workers.  Migrants are more vulnerable to accept any ‘employment’. When migrants realize that the job they were offered does not exist and are forced to work in jobs or under conditions they did not agree to, they are living in a trafficking situation. Human trafficking involves the movement of people for the purpose of exploitation. As can be seen, these two conditions are different but are closely related due to the situation of vulnerability. Although migration may take place through regular or irregular channels, a migrant may choose it freely or be forced to choose it as a means of survival. Millions of migrants have begun or will begin paths of hope because dignity knows no borders.  We invite you to listen to the third episode of our Podcast series “Relief at Your Hands”, “On the Road with Hope”.

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