Catholic Sisters Speak Out on Gun Violence

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The Inter-Congregational Leadership Group of Women Religious in San Antonio (ILGSA) recently met for their spring meeting at St. Brigid’s Convent on May 9, 2023. This group represents the Sisters within the Archdiocese of San Antonio.

At this meeting, the Sisters reflected on the heartbreak of the mass shootings in our state and beyond. We are horrified and shocked at the loss of life.  The slaughter of men, women and children is abhorrent and must not continue. God’s people deserve to live in communities free of gun violence.  This is truly a pro-life issue in its fullest sense.

Thus, we call for a renewed commitment to sensible firearms policies, including banning weapons that enable the killing of many people in a matter of seconds. We urgently add our voices to those saying that our gun laws must change. We also believe it is imperative that we as a state and nation provide better mental health care for all.

We urge our leaders to put human lives above political expediency. We recognize the power of prayer and how this prayer calls us to action. As people of faith, we must use our voices to influence our elected officials to bring about change to this serious life issue.


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