Welcome to the Novitiate

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Praised be the Incarnate Word!

Rosa Ana Line:

Pope Francis says that saying “Yes” to Jesus is not a decision that is made only once, it is a choice that is made every day. You say “Yes” to Jesus in times of joy, in sadness, in solitude, when the people you love die. You say “Yes” every moment of your life because the Lord is not found virtually, but directly, discovering Him in life.

May your period in the Novitiate be a period to delve into your relation with Jesus, the Incarnate Word, to reflect on your life and on your experiences, to enjoy and generate sacred spaces… may it be a period for contemplation and discernment to discover the invitations received from the God of Jesus. May it be a period that will allow you to know us better so you may assume the congregational identity and make a free choice to consecrate your life per the CCVI charisma, spirituality and mission.

Enjoy this time when you will have an encounter with Jesus, the Incarnate Word; let Him talk to your heart, let Him fill you, may your wishes be oriented toward Him.

Even though you don’t have another Sister in your group, someone like you, count on your community, feel that you are accompanied on your path, because celibacy and community are the fundamental elements of religious life      

May the lifestyle of Jesus inspire your actions, may your senses be attentive so you may be sensitive and in solidarity with the needs of our world; may yours be the hands that bring relief to the needy.

May you live your time in the Novitiate as a time of grace, let yourself be embraced by God and discover the caresses He gives you day by day so you may live with a grateful heart.

Rosa Ana Line, saying “Yes” in these times of uncertainty requires courage and trust in God. May your face glow with joy because consecrated life is not survival, it is a new life, a life of fullness.

May the Incarnate Word grant you the gift of opening your heart so you may live the Novitiate period accompanied by Mother Pierre’s words: “A life for God and a hear for others.”

Welcome to the Novitiate!!! Congratulations for saying “Yes” to the Incarnate Word’s call!

Sister Maricruz Iñiguez Padilla


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