CCVI-CSI Project Highlights: Sept-Nov 2022

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Advisory Board Quarterly Update: Sept-Nov 2022

Advisory Board Approves Third Round of Funding

At its September meeting, the CCVI -CSI Project Advisory Board approved $32,885 in funding for its ministries. Funds were disbursed in early September 2022. The 4 funded network projects include family support and educational support ministries.

New Ministries, Congregations, and Partnerships Added to Project

We continue to recruit and enroll new ministries and congregations into the project. To date:

  • 45 Ministries Enrolled in Project
  • 33 Estimated Religious Affiliates (27 Congregations + 6 Other Religious Persons)
  • 39 Religious Sisters
  • 37 Partnerships Developed

Results! Results! Results!

To date, a total of 22 ministries have accessed funds for 11 projects in Mexico and 11 projects in the U.S. in the education service area, 12 projects have been awarded a toral of $142,367 and five project have been awarded a total amount of $107,000 in health. Six projects in the social/ family service area received a total amount of $75,300. One project was awarded $10,000 in artisanship. Over 138,450 persons have been served through CCVI-CSI Project funding.

Third Religious Sisters Leadership Development Training a Success

The fourth module of the six leadership development modules, project management strategic planning, was completed in September and module five, impact evaluation, followed in October. The sixth and final module, learning community, is currently underway. Over 117 religious sisters have attended these leadership modules.

CCVI-CSI Project Evaluation Team Conducts Site Visit in Oaxaca, Mexico

Los Quijotes site visit to Oaxaca, mx was conducted in September with Denise Krohn, evaluation team lead, attending as an observer. CCVI -CSI Project funds were awarded to purchase a laser ophthalmology instrument. A total of 24 laser surgeries were performed, during a ten-day mission in Oaxaca, Mexico. Los Quijotes coordinated with the Mexican government, DIF, and local universities to provide healthcare screenings and services to over 500 persons during their visit.

The Project Manager and the Evaluation Team Meet with Sankofa Consulting, to Discuss Evaluation Technical Assistance Support Needs

Our CCVI-CSI Project staff and evaluation team held a September meeting with Hilton Catholic Sisters Initiative new evaluation technical support contractor, Sankofa consulting to discuss our evaluation plan and assess our need and interest in evaluation technical support. Sankofa expressed a positive opinion of our evaluation design, tools, data collection & reporting formats.

Read more about the benefited CCVI ministries and projects here.


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