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CCVI-CSI Hilton Project: Projects benefited

CCVI-CSI Hilton Project: Projects benefited

The project’s mission is to develop effective and sustainable inter-congregational and inter-ministerial capacity to respond to the urgent and emerging needs of our impoverished communities in the United States and Mexico.

Today, we are happy to share with you the list of proposals supported by the CCVI-CSI Hilton project:

  • Visitation House
  • Presentation Ministry
  • UDEM Kimakul
  • UDEM Universidad de Barrios
  • Quijotes
  • Chilcuatla
  • Estancia Infantil Vasco de Quiroga
  • Center for Women in Church and Society OLLU & CDP
  • Voluntariado Mexico 2022. Hospitalidad y Solidaridad
  • COPS/ Metro
  • Fortalecimiento institucional Casanicolás
  • Sembrando Hoy Cosechando Mañana A.C.
  • Inter-congregational Immigrant and Refugee Ministry at the Border
  • Proyecto Salesiano
  • Inter-Congregational Initial Formation: Justice Experience on the Border
  • GRM 2022 Renewal Proposal for Asylum-Seekers in Mexico – Global Response Management
  • Scalabrinianas Misión con Migrantes y Refugiados – SMR

Read more about the CCVI-CSI Hilton Project here.