Celebrating Grandmothers’ Day at the infirmary

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On August 28, the Senior Citizens National Day, the young sisters who work in Popular Pastoral, enthusiastically displayed their gifts and invited the senior sisters to enjoy a very pleasant celebration.

When we arrived at the community hall they received us with beautiful and very colorful party hats which we wore proudly. They also gave us balloons and colorful eyeglasses as part of their welcome. They received us with very joyful and colorful videos, including the traditional song by Cri-Cri, “Tell me why, tell me grandma” [Di por qué dime abuelita]. The sisters showed their grace dancing untiringly regional dances from different States of the Mexican Republic, among them the “Bamba” and some polkas; they also invited some of the sisters in the audience to join them in the dances. They senior sisters, among them Sister Madeleine and Sister Marina de los Ángeles, remembered their youthful years and danced. Sister Alejandrina Bretón participated spontaneously with a poem in honor of The Blessed Virgin Mary. Then the young sisters invited us to share the story of our calling to Religious Life. Later, they offered us small eggnog cups which we accepted gratefully. We want to express our gratitude to Cecy Zavala who provided the food and we are also grateful to our beautiful artists, Chely, Erika and Elizabeth. Before the celebration came to an end, they gave us red and white carnations. We said that we would offer them to the Blessed Virgin and we closed the celebration with a prayer for perseverance and singing the Incarnate Word Hymn.

Sister María Raquel Valencia.




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