Colegio Mexicano celebrates Green Week 2017

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As part of the closing ceremonies to celebrate 130 years of Colegio Mexicano, the educational community participated in the First CM Green Week in September, where various activities were carried out.

Families were able to participate in a Recycling Competition, where they made useful or decorative items for the house. The first place obtained a kit of 3 ecological bins for their house, second and third place obtained a CM thermos and a recycling transport bag.

The students of higher primary and secondary education were able to participate in two lectures on Sustainability given by Dr. Sandra Yanette Lozano Garza, MED, from the Sustainability area of the University of Monterrey (UdeM) and the second by Dr. Efrén Robledo Leal, from the Faculty of Biological Sciences of UANL.

Finally, all the students accompanied by their teachers and management and administrative staff participated in the sowing of ornament seeds to embellish the trees adopted from our beautiful Forest, which is located at the front of our facilities.

In the light of Laudato SI and our inspirational CM-phrase in this cycle Nature, Image of God, Listen to her and Respond, all of our ecological activities are oriented to take care of our Common Home and strengthen our image as a sustainable school.


Colegio Mexicano celebrates Green Week 2017


Colegio Mexicano celebrates Green Week 2017


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