Fuego Nuevo Community

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This past 7th of November, at the community of Fuego Nuevo, we lovingly shared with the sisters of the Holy Family a small homage, a tribute to our CCVI sisters who are no longer with us, but their presence continues in our hearts, are an inspiration and a role model, as they left their mark for new generations.

We created a tree with strong roots, symbolizing our founders over these 150 years of presence in the world; among the branches we placed a heart and hands, representing a life for God and a heart for others.

Following the tradition of remembering our faithful departed, we put a few photographs on a table and those of us present placed them on the branches. We also scattered petals around the tree and mentioned a few of the actions they did while alive. In the meantime, we listened to the song Recuérdame from the movie Coco and watched a video recalling the history of the Congregation, ending with a gratitude prayer.

By: Sister Antonieta Ávila.


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