San Antonio Sisters Gather for Pre-Assembly Presentations

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February 18, 2020, found the San Antonio CCVI assembled in Heritage Hall for an afternoon of Assembly presentations and sharings along with time for Q & A sessions.

Sister Tere Maya opened the gathering and introduced the presenters from the GLT and Finance Office. Sister Peggy Bonnot led the Opening Prayer with a ‘Crossroads’ theme entitled “TRASNA and Irish Poem” by Sr. Raphael Consedine, PVBM. The word ‘Trasna’ means crossroads and the prayer led the group to reflect on the reality of our Congregation at a Crossroads with the choices to be faced: “to continue on yesterday’s roads” or to question: “What am I seeking?, What is my quest”?

The group then spent some time in reflection on three questions: Where do I find myself on the journey of religious life; where do we find ourselves as a Congregation, on the CCVI 150th Jubilee Journey? What do we see as we look at reality today?

Following the reflection and sharing, all joined in the concluding prayer.

Sister Tere Maya’s presentation on Congregational Life today with statistical graphics and diagrams, designed to clarify today’s reality, was followed by the Finance Office presentations on the whole financial picture of our Congregation today, including a segment on property investments. The Development Office presentation followed with emphasis on the results of the fundraising efforts in place; the huge response in donations realized during the 150th Anniversary Year was highlighted.

A working dinner allowed the group time for further discussion and clarification of points mentioned in the presentations. Suggestions/comments for moving forward into a new future with confidence were made and shared with all present.

The gathering ended on this positive note, going forward:

We need “deeper adherence to the Creative ever Sustaining God who births the future—Is anything too marvelous for the Lord”.

The Assembly Prayer used to close the meeting was written by Sister Eilish Ryan, CCVI.



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