Charism? What is That? (Pt. 2)

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Thanks for your comments on Words for Life Charism article and for sharing your experiences of having felt that special gift of God through us.  Specifically, the charism of the Congregation is “the call to make the love of God as shown in the incarnation a real and tangible presence in the world today.” (Constitution of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, Art. #2)  What we strive to do in all our actions and our total being is to be Jesus present, real, felt here and now. –  here,- where we live and work, and now – in this present moment.

Now, 2,019 years after the birth of Jesus, it may be hard for us to really understand or capture the reality of God becoming many and walking among us!  A writer in our time trying to help us understand the reality of the incarnation God put it this way, God pitched his tent among us and moved right on into the neighborhood.  A wonderful image and reality.  For that is exactly what God did.  The son of God became HUMAN and lived among us. . . .and our spirit, our charism calls us to be that presence of Jesus’ love.  What a vocation!  What a grace!

What have been your experiences of God’s presence in your lifetime?  Take a moment to recall the experience, and let God act in you.

By Sr. Juanita Albracht.Click here to read first and third part of this post.


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