Charism? What is That? (Pt. 1)

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Why it is important to you or to a Congregation.

Everyone likes to receive a gift.  I know I do. Don’t you? Imagine, if you can, a table covered with a variety of gifts, all sizes, and beautifully wrapped.  One of those gifts is for you.  You wait with anticipation to discover what is in the box with your name on it.  In that context, I want to speak about charisma gift given to each of us personally or to a group.

Charism is a word that is easy to define but one that continuously manifests new and exciting expressions of living in our daily lives. Defined, charism is a compelling attractiveness or sense of spirit that can inspire devotion in others; it is a divinely conferred power or talent.  For Congregations of religious, the charism is that which defines a group and makes if different from many other groups of consecrated women. If the spirit is truly alive in a Congregation it should be that which the members portray, act out, and live in their ministries and encounters with others. The charism is given to us not for ourselves, but for others. When you encounter a Sister of Charity of the Incarnate Word you should encounter the charism, the incarnational spirit gifted to the Congregation.

Have you felt it? How would you describe it? Send your feedback, as we will continue talking about this special gift, this spirit in the days to come.

By Sr. Juanita Albracht.

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