Human Trafficking: No more indifference!

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As a Congregation, our Corporate Posture regarding human trafficking is calling us to work with decisiveness in the defense of human dignity. Our Sister Katty Huanuco, CCVI, gives us a calling to be attentive to this crime which is also present in social networks and in the internet as a means to attract people.

In Peru, thousands of people are looking for a job. Taking advantage of that need, the organizations that handle human trafficking, through lies or violence, submit children, men and women to exploitation, forcing them to work or abusing them sexually.

It is outrageous to read, to see or to hear how the ‘human trafficking’ networks support each other more and more, due to the corruption that exists in some public institutions, especially in the cities that have the highest rate of ‘human trafficking’.

At the same time, it is sad to know that social networks are a potential space to find more victims, because those who deal in human trafficking are not common delinquents. But why is this? Is it perhaps because some of us publish information in social networks? Perhaps, there is something else: our indifference.

We have to stop being so naive. Not being aware of this crime is the basic reason why people can be easily cheated. Those who deal in human trafficking have a structure that allows them to take all the time they need to generate a trust link and cheat others.

Now is the time to act. Let’s stop the indifference. Let’s not have any more victims, because anyone can become a victim. Let us form solidarity chains. Let us join our friends and our followers in social networks and work to break the chain of indifference when facing what has been called the slavery of the 21st century.

September 23 is considered the International Day Against Human Trafficking. Let us use our accounts in social networks on this day to spread information and to become aware, prevent and avoid Human Trafficking. We can even determine what human trafficking is and how it affects our families, or hoe it may affect them.

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