Incarnation: Presence of love

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I believe that the Incarnation of Jesus continues alive daily, when I can experience it as an encounter with Life, God is in that life, you are as my brother, my friend, my fellow, with your gifts, qualities, and certainly also your weaknesses, which make us more human and simultaneously stronger; because this Incarnation is also a maturity process in faith and love.

Love is vital to us, because we feel loved by God, which makes us value Life as a talent, a gift, with the purpose of being happy, even in the midst of my daily difficulties.

The encounter with love drives me to an attitude of seeking, inhabiting and forming.

Seeking always the good, the magic that makes us fight; inhabiting is providing the space to enjoy those encounters that encourage us to continue changing; and forming is allowing ourselves to set up each day as an opportunity to love and be loved.

“There cannot be Incarnation, without love…”

How do I experience the Mystery of Incarnation in my life?

Do I live Life as a gift from God in daily events?

By S. Alba Castellanos Polonio.


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