IV AAVE gathering

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Our Meeting took place from October 19 to 23, 2022, in an atmosphere of prayer, joy and fraternity. We joined the entities of Chihuahua, Nuevo Leon, San Luis Potosi and CDMX at the Jesús Eucaristía Retreat House in Mexico City.


We began with the warm welcome of AAVE Director, Leticia Guerrero. Afterwards we had a talk with Professor Armando Sámano about the EBE model (encounter, wellbeing, balance), who invited us to discover that love needs knowledge and acceptance; and what God represents in our life.

Sister María de Lourdes Urrutia Chávez CCVI shared with us the theme “Spirituality and Identity Traits in the Incarnation.” Where Mary invited us to imitate her “Yes” of acceptance and join her Son, Jesus Incarnate Word, considering us his Apostles, feeling and working as he did with the people who suffer.

On Thursday, our AVE Sisters: Christine Elizabeth Carrasco García AVE and María Elena González Alvarado AVE, shared with us about the different types of leadership, with a talk and very fun dynamics (teams with balloons in the garden and the characterization of various leaders).

Sister María de Lourdes Urrutia Chávez CCVI, spoke to us about Spirituality and full life, based on the reflection on the weddings of Cana and the celebration of love. In the afternoon, Father Alejandro Maldonado Hernández SVD, shared a talk on the communication of the Word of God, reflecting on the prologue of the Gospel of Saint John, enlivened by Sister Leticia de Jesús CCVI, playing the guitar and a choir.

After dinner we had a fun night impersonating artists and dancing.

On Friday, the speakers were: Olaya Baylón Gutiérrez AVE and Concepción Elena Sosa García AVE, with the topics on the importance of the Vision for 2027, the Mission and Values of AAVE; who prepared entertaining activities for us to reach a conclusion on that topic.

We also started the topic of Planning, with Mirna Clarisa Álvarez Domínguez AVE, reflecting and learning how to create a strategic plan with a dynamic to start a company.

María Elena Torres Ariceaga AVE, explained to us what the apostolates are and shared a proposal to define the mission areas at AAVE: prophetic, social, health and prayer ministries.

At night we had a bonfire in which fragments of the Gospel Lc. 12,49 were read. We burned our darkness and received a candle to bring the Light of the Gospel to each entity. Then we played, sang and danced.

On Saturday, Celia Leonor López Acosta AVE concluded with a plan of love, recalling the Spirituality of Jeanne Chezard de Matel and Monsignor Claudio María Dubuis, and later each team prepared a strategic plan for AAVE.

Sister María de Lourdes Urrutia Chávez CCVI, concluded with a summary of the IV Gathering.

We finished with a video of our experiences during the Gathering.

At the Chapel we participated in the solemn and emotional Eucharistic Celebration of Renewal of AVE’s Commitments, accompanied by celebrant priest P. Alejandro Maldonado Hernández SVD and our CCVI Sisters who gave us the sending, which was very significant because our Sisters were present, Sister Ma. Guadalupe Moreno Flores, a pillar for Associates, has accompanied us since before the foundation of AAVE, Sister Clara María Sepúlveda; concluding with the exciting performance of the Incarnate Word Hymn, sang by all attendees.

We are grateful for the warm presence of Sister Leticia de Jesús Rodríguez Hernández CCVI, member of the CCVI General Leadership Team CCVI.

At the end we shared bread and salt at the gardens of the Exercise House, enjoying a pleasant afternoon of fraternal sharing. At night we attended a spectacular OFUNAM concert at Sala Netzahualcoyotl.

On Sunday, after attending mass and having breakfast, we said goodbye full of the Love of Jesus Incarnate Word, to go to our communities to work with enthusiasm and prepare our next Assembly in 2024, with God’s favor.

We said goodbye with gratitude to the General Leadership Team for the support we received from them and to all CCVI Sisters who accompanied us with their prayers and love.

Giving is an act of will, giving yourself is an act of love.

Mexico City, October 25, 2022.



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