Journey of Reconciliation: Second Sunday of Lent

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By Adriana Calzada, CCVI

Today we are invited to reconcile with our human condition.

Yes, it is good to remain on the mountain, the place of God’s manifestation according to the scriptures. Yes, it is very attractive to let ourselves be taken away by the light of the transfigured Jesus who shows us who he is in the Gospel. But today, we don’t have to live at that moment, we don’t have to make tents. Today we have to work the reconciliation with our Christian identity and with the true meaning of it. We are sisters and brothers of the beloved Son and we are committed to continue trying to live as He teaches us. From this identity, we need to discern what we welcome in our lives and what we reject. On this path of reconciliation during Lent, let’s continue to deepen how we are living to allow the light of Jesus to shine today.

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