Journey of Reconciliation: Third Sunday of Lent

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By Adriana Calzada, CCVI

She did not know, but that day would change her life.

In an open encounter, through deep dialogue and sincere exchange, Jesus and the Samaritan woman in today’s Gospel give us the guideline to reflect on this third Sunday of Lent. Jesus finds a way to invite the woman to tell him her truth. In dialogue with Jesus, she is able to recognize her personal story and shares it trusting him at that moment. That is a moment of liberation and reaffirmation of her dignity as a woman. As we continue in Lent, this journey of reconciliation, and now being invited to a more intentional and longer pause given the health situation we are going through, let us take a look at what in our history still hurts, makes us feel guilty and does not allow us to be free. We can write it down if necessary, let us review this list accompanied by Jesus so that, like the Samaritan woman, we can offer it to him at the encounter in daylight without shame. Because Jesus receives it, blesses it and renews it. So then, we can go out and share ourselves with those around us from a new place, a reality of reconciliation with our past.

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