Mission of Christ in Chiapas

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Socios en Viveros de Tiemelonla

Palenque, Chiapas, November 24, 2021.

Here, we are very grateful to God for the privilege of being able to continue in this Mission which we started in 1984 and in which we are still working. We were part of the five first Sisters: Sister Bernarda Juárez, Sister Margarita Campos Blanco; Sister María Guadalupe Angulo Fonseca and Sister Dolores María Di Costanzo Piñeiro.Only two Sisters, Sister Lupita and I, are working in what we have to do: followint-up the activity in order to consolidate this Small Scale Producers of Organic Coffee. Sister Berni is accompanying us from the Father’s House and Sister Margarita is at the Sacred Family Community because of her health. Beginning in July 2021, Sister Leonila González Siller became a member of our Community.

Tiemelonlá Nich K Lum, S. de S.S. is in the Chol Language, and it is translated as (The Flower of our Land Unites Us). This organization was born in 1986, in its first Assembly which was attended by 25 partners from six communities. There the First Administrative Council was appointed (see the attached photo #1). And we also want to share with you the Assembly of the Highest Governance Body [Órgano Máximo] on November 11, 2021, which was attended by m a total of 343 partners. (See attached photo). They have the power to make the most important decisions of the Organization. They meet twice a year presided by the Executive Committee which they themselves appoint every two years, according to the prescriptions of the Social Solidarity Societies Law [Ley Sociedades de Solidaridad Social].

Currently, they are exporting the coffee produced by the men and women who are partners, to Austria and Germany. Their buyers are very demanding regarding the quality of the coffee they acquire. Tiemelonlá also works hard to take care of Mother Earth and to obtain the Fair Commerce Certificates issued by the Mexican Certification Office which is registered with the European Community Organic Certifications. Audits are made in order to obtain these certificates. Therefore, the coffee varieties that are grown and cultivated must be the ones that have the best taste results in a cup of coffee. We are including here the images of the plant nurseries with small coffee plants of very special varieties, obtained from organic seeds which are also validated by certificates, (See attached photo #3).

The main challenge for us, as CCVIs who work closely with these two ethnic groups, the Chols and the Tzeltals, is to encourage them to handle personally all their activities without intermediaries. This is the self-management they are called to have and they have the talents to do it. We also have the challenge to make sure that our Charisma and our Mission continue being a light in the path they will have to follow in the future, when the CCVI Sisters may not be present.

Sister Dolores María Di Costanzo Piñeiro
For the C.C.V.I. Community


Primera Asamblea de Tiemelonla 1986

First Assembly of Tiemelonla, 1986



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