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2017 is a blank canvas that we will fill with our actions.

2017 is a blank canvas that we will fill with our actions. It is up to us that, at the end of the year, we will have created a beautiful work of art, meaningful, and worthy of being seen. It should be a work of art that motivates others to follow our example and inspires us to draw and achieve new purposes.

To navigate the paths that will lead us to achieve this, there are five points that can help drive us forward:

1. Let’s go against the current

The digital age we live in leads us towards the complete digitization of our lives; More and more activities are done through the screens of our phones and computers.
While it is true that the opportunities for learning and collaboration offered by technology are extraordinary, we can not let it continue to displace interpersonal communication and jeopardize family coexistence.

Let’s turn it around and imitate the salmon in its swim, countercurrent: make a rational use of technological resources, to bring us closer to others, instead of moving away.

Let’s practice this simple gesture frequently: let’s release the phone to look at the people in front of us. Remember that human beings need to see and feel the physical presence of others to be empathic. Only in this way will we be able to recognize the needs of our neighbors, solidarity and strengthen our social conscience.

Let us navigate with a critical and reflective attitude among the abundance of news, to avoid overinformation and to interpret the world’s news in a reliable way. Let’s take some time from our life in social networks, and dedicate it to reflection.

2. Let’s be an example

Let us witness to the love of Christ, practicing compassion, creativity and imagination: compassion, so that our daily actions bring blessings to our community; Creativity, so that our example inspires others to initiate new virtuous circles; And imagination, so that we are able to generate the answers that the world needs.

3. Let’s move from criticism to action

Becoming active and committed citizens is one of the most urgent tasks we need to tackle. This is the great step we need to take to build the just society that we so badly need.

It is time to demand that those who govern us prioritize justice, social development, education and care for the environment. More than nonconforming, let us be propositional.

4. Let us distinguish the transcendent

It is imperative that we look to the future to live in a sustainable way, that is, growing socially and economically, without affecting the environmental heritage that we will leave to future generations. As Pope John Paul II said in Laudato Si: “We can all collaborate as instruments of God for the care of creation, each from their culture, their experience, their initiatives and their capacities.”

5. Let’s intentionally engage God

Through prayer we can enter into intimacy with God and share our sorrows, joys and needs with Him. By praying, we recognize before Him that we are limited, we thank Him for His goodness and we communicate our weaknesses to Him so that He can help us.

At the end of the year, take a look at your work of art. It will surely be a beautiful and unique expression, product of your spirit, of the splendid creation that you are and of your will to do the best possible with the wonderful gift that has been granted to you… the gift of life.


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