Palm Sunday

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By Adriana Calzada, CCVI

Jesus decided to go to Jerusalem knowing full well the risk he was taking. Today, we can understand this decision that was the previous step to his sentence, from the journey of reconciliation that we have been traveling. Jesus has the ability, supported by his Father, to reconcile with the truth, with its reality and with its consequences. It is in this process that he can assume them and walk. Today, it is up to us to reconcile ourselves to the new reality that we are living in our world. If we can embrace it deeply, then it will be easier for us to walk it. Illness, fear, anxiety, boredom or death will not completely disappear, but we will understand that this is what we are living now and like Jesus, we will be able to say “yes, we accept this path and we will walk it” holding hands with our Father who comforts and embraces us.

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