Prayer and Hope

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Today’s post is from Chapter 7 of Pope Francis’ book, “On Hope.”

“It is in the face of danger, when one fully experiences ones frailty and the need for salvation.”

Francis refers to the Book of the Prophet Jonah, and recounts the story of Jonah who boards a ship (whose mariners are pagans) to distance himself from God. During the voyage, Jonah falls asleep in the cargo hold of the ship. A mighty storm arises, and the mariners “each cried out to their own god.”

Jonah throws himself into the sea to save the others. Because of Jonah’s sacrifice, the pagan mariners recognize the true God.

Hope induced the mariners to pray, and not only were they saved, but through their prayer, came to know the one God, the God of Jonah.

Francis concludes by saying, “Prayer leads us forward in hope, and when things become dark, more prayer is needed, and there we will find even more hope.”


Obtained fromón-y-esperanza

On the header, Prophet Jonah Icon- Icon II painted by the hand of Fr. Stamatis Skliris of the Holy Icon Studio.


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