The Breath of Our Hope

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“The Holy Spirit sees for us beyond [the impossible] and reveals to us the new heaven and the new earth that is being prepared for us all.”

Francis uses “ecology” and “care for our human home” to show us how the “sinfulness” of the human person causes destruction. He challenges us to look at Earth, and the dire consequences of the selfishness of the human person. He characterizes the results of human action as “corrupting creation, rendering it a slave, subjugated to our shortsightedness.”

Our personal sinfulness can have the same sort of results; we end up disfiguring everything around us, marked by the “sad, desolate signs of pride and human greed.”

But. God does not leave us on our own. We have been able to “contemplate the foretaste of what waits for us,” regardless. We are a Resurrection people. “We have learned to read all of this with the eyes of Easter.”

We are often tempted to give in to disappointment and pessimism; this is prevalent, and rightly so, during this COVID time. “We remain speechless, and do not even know what to ask for.”

The Holy Spirit, “the breath of our hope, comes to help us.”


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