The Child Care Center Vasco de Quiroga

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The Child Care Center Vasco de Quiroga

The Child Care Center Vasco de Quiroga in Mexico City is in one of the poor areas of the Alvaro Obregón zone inhabited by people who come from the surrounding rural and mountain areas. The mission of the center is the care and education of children under five years of age who live in one of the poorest areas in Mexico City, where single mothers and their families work hard to respond to their basic needs of subsistence, to their nutritional needs and to the development of their children.

The Child Care Center nurtures and tends to 110 – 120 children while at the same time benefitting indirectly their families. It offers a solid foundation to children who are starting elementary school to succeed. This is a great gift for the child and for his/her family.

Isadora Ronzon is one of the beneficiaries of this project. She is a widow with four children, one of them whom is Yaretzi Citlali Zamora. The Child Care Center has helped her by offering her free services. Since Yaretzi started attending the Nursery School, her mother has seen great advances in her development.

Another parent who has received benefits shared:

“Being parents in this institution gives us the opportunity to have our children grow in an environment that is warm and safe, with values and aptitudes that are important at their age. We have confidence that while we are working, our children are taken care of by qualified personnel who work to improve the children’s psychomotor development with activities that strengthen them physically, socially and mentally. This allows them to grow as healthy children.”


The Child Care Center Vasco de Quiroga


Another child attending the Child Care Center is Natalia Moreno García. The Center has developed Natalia’s social skills enabling her to interact with other children and with people in a positive manner. The fact that Natalia receives quality attention and care allows her parents to work and be free of worries because they know that she in a good environment, learning and receiving adequate care.

The Child Care Center allows the members of this community to work knowing that their children are well care for. The majority of people come from Michoacán, Veracruz, Oaxaca, Hidalgo, and mainly from the central area of Mexico. Most of them are not trained professionally and are unable to take advantage of the type of work market which requires technical skills.

They want to work; they are used to working hard. Many of the women do house work, but normally men and women look for jobs in the construction industry, as gardeners or other low skill positions. In many cases, both parents work, but their combined minimal salary allows them to respond only to their basic housing and food needs.

We appreciate your support. Being able to continue this project is very important for the development of these children and for the benefit of all these families.


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