A call to action: how to help in times of a health and humanitarian emergency?

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The Migrant, Immigrant and Refugee Network is part of the CCVI counterproposal to the globalization of indifference that denies the dignity of people and criminalizes people who seek a dignified and safe life for themselves and their families.

Although the migratory crisis on our borders is not a new situation, the agencies involved in the welcoming, protection and attention to migrants were forced to rethink their processes and transform their care models to respond to the needs of the migrant and refugee population in face of the pandemic.

Resisting the pandemic

Committed to globalizing compassion, cooperation and solidarity, we decided to collaborate with other Catholic institutions and nonprofit organizations through our Migrant, Immigrant and Refugee Network (MIRN). Through MIRN, and in alliance with the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, 9 projects that range from Tapachula (Chiapas) to Tijuana (Baja California Norte) and San Antonio (Texas) were strengthened, and this benefited thousands of Central Americans, Mexicans, Haitians and migrants from other countries. The information presented below breaks down the impacts achieved from March 2021 to October 2021.

Congregation of the Apostolic Sisters of the Heart of Jesus

In collaboration with the nonprofit organization Hospitalidad y Solidaridad A.C., the sisters were able to deliver more than 20,000 plates of food to migrants and refugees, mainly from Central American countries and Haiti; 1,520 plates of food and 250 food boxes were destined to serve the migrants in a homeless situation and 18, 959 plates of food were destined for asylum seekers and refugees who remained in Hospitalidad y Solidaridad A.C.

Global Response Management

Global Response Management seeks to provide medical care to migrants, refugees, internally displaced persons and victims of human trafficking. In the Mexico-Guatemala border, the GRM team has managed to benefit more than 500 patients per month in places with a high density of migrants, where they focus on irregular migrants, members of the LGBTQ + community, pregnant women and sexual workers.

In Matamoros, Global Response Management provided medical care to migrants and asylum seekers who were waiting in the camp for a response from the US government to their asylum applications (around 10,000 families) and, thanks to the support, GRM was able to provide medical and mental health care for more than 2,000 people per month.

Bi-National Solidarity Network for Migrants

The Bi-National Solidarity Network for Migrants is a project that seeks to support migrants who were waiting in Ciudad Juárez for a response to their refugee application in the United States, as well as migrants who were still waiting to achieve the American dream. In conjunction with Corpus Christi Parish, the project managed to benefit 136 families with temporary shelter, food, personal care supplies and cleaning supplies.

Salesian Project

The Salesian Project seeks the integral promotion of children, young people, adolescents and vulnerable people, through the Salesian Charism that manifests itself in preventive actions to form good Christians and honest citizens. With the support granted, the Salesian Project managed to reach 1,200 people daily (six days a week) and provide people living on the streets, returnees, migrants and other people in a similar condition of vulnerability with medical, psychological and legal counseling services.

Casa Monarca

Casa Monarca organized an awareness campaign #HelpMeStayHome for migrants and refugees who could not access municipal and state social programs because they lacked the identification documents required. Thanks to the donation, the organization was able to support around 368 migrants, most of them from Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico and Guatemala, providing food and personal care supplies as well as psychological care to migrants, asylum seekers and refugees.


The support provided made it possible to establish an isolation zone and buy biosecurity material for the prevention of COVID-19 such as masks, face masks, gloves and tests. Likewise, the resource granted helped provide 1,300 migrants with medical and psychological care services as well as legal guidance. This was important because the organization observed that the long duration of the trip, the uncertainty due to the closure of borders and the pandemic had caused important physical and psychological exhaustion in the migrants and refugees.

Paso de Esperanza A.C.

Paso de Esperanza is an organization whose mission is to work for an inclusive Nuevo León. The support provided helped the organization deliver food and personal hygiene products to 240 migrants in vulnerable conditions.

Interfaith Welcome Coalition

CCVI-MIRN support helped IWC find temporary safe spaces for individuals and families who had to go through a period of quarantine before they could enter a temporary shelter or continue to their destination. The 180 migrants and asylum seekers accompanied were originally from Haiti, Angola and Congo.

Arise Circle of Friends project of the Ettling Center for Civic Leadership and Sustainability of the University of the Incarnate Word

In the city of San Antonio, and with a presence in McAllen and Pharr, the Arise Circle of Friends managed to implement different programs aimed at addressing health and wellness issues and support more than 450 beneficiaries providing Cardinal puppets teaching for COVID-19 prevention, prayer time for children, math tutoring, financial education and development of a food pantry in each center.

Welcoming, promoting, protecting and integrating: How can we continue to support migrants and refugees from our trenches?

We will continue working to promote a culture of encounter, hospitality and welcome in conjunction with other Catholic institutions and civil society organizations that work directly with the migrant, asylum seeker and refugee population in the United States, Mexico and Peru. If you want to know more about the Network and our activities or if you have a project aimed to welcome and integrate migrants and refugees in your community do not hesitate to reach out!




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