Associates meet to update themselves in the area of Christology

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In the ordinary meetings, starting in April, we concentrated on the task of reading, reflecting and making comments on the book written by M. Castillo and Juan A. Estrada, Jesus’ Project [El Proyecto de Jesús]. We also read Luke’s Gospel and the text written by Elizabeth A. Johnson, Consider Jesus: Waves or Renewal in Christology.  This allowed us to review and to update ourselves in the area of Christology.

We were invited to consolidate a community which, inspired by the Charisma of the Congregation of the Incarnate Word and by its Associates, has a solid formation to carry out the mission entrusted to it.

For that purpose, through the above mentioned texts, we were able to review and mature the experience and the conception of the Incarnate Word in the person of Jesus, in order to incorporate ourselves in His project, where the freedom He assumed is a fundamental note in the way he carried out His ministry, in the construction of a new society, where the values that develop the community are vital in our task. This required us to reassess some of the fundamental concepts in our faith, such as: the historical Jesus and the Jesus in our faith, who is true God and true man, the reasons that led to his death and how should we approach the theology of the Cross, going beyond the triumphalist and fatalist aspects that we often present regarding this.

It was also necessary to review some of the topics that refer to the Resurrection, the central event in our faith. This led us to affirm that Jesus’ life continues when we participate in his project with freedom and with a commitment. With all this we are able to face more solidly and in a more mature way, any questionings regarding our faith in the Son of God, and thus we may continue collaborating in the construction of God’s Kingdom:

“A life for God and a heart for others.”


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