Mexico Associates Treat Retired Sisters to a Visit at Chapultepec Lake

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Mexico Associates Treat Retired Sisters to a Visit at Chapultepec Lake

The Incarnate Word Associates in Mexico City and the Sisters in the Holy Family Community at Casa San Ángel visit the Chapultepec Lake in Mexico City.

One of the activities that fill us with joy as Associates, is being able to be near our elderly Sisters. We share our time with them once a month, taking them out for a visit or going with them to town square, a park or a museum. We feel enthusiastic during these activities, because the Sisters surprise us with their joy and enthusiasm. They are always willing to share with a big smile. They are great teachers!

During the month of May the Sisters asked us to take them again to the small Chapultepec Lake. We were happy to take Sister Alejandrina, Sister Lourditas, Sister Adriana, Sister Berni, Sister Talita and Sister Luz María. It was very rewarding to see how happy they were; they could breathe the fresh air in the woods; they loved seeing the lake, listening to the birds singing, feeding the ducks and enjoying the scenery.

At the end of the visit, we shared refreshments with them– a delicious cup of coffee/other drinks or some ice-cream. It is a real pleasure to share these moments with the Sisters, to listen and learn from them as they transmit to us their deep spirituality and love for the Incarnate Word. They are an example of the virtues which we try to emulate.

By María Varas Gabrelian, Incarnate Word Associate Kingdom of God Community, Mexico.


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