Communal Psalms of Lament, day 1

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From Psalms for Praying: An Invitation to Wholeness (Nan C. Merrill).

Psalm 44

We have heard with our ears,
O Rock of ages,
all generations have proclaimed

The mighty deed You wrought
in their days,
in the days of old;

Of how You with your own hand
drove out the nations,
sowing seeds for new life;

Of how You led the peoples
into bondage,
and then You set them free;

For not by their own might did
they win the land,
nor did their own strength give
them victory,

But by your power and your might,
and the light of your countenance;
for You sought to awaken them!


O, You who know all hearts,
who are ever-present to your people,

Through You we face our enemies;
through your Name we call forth
our fears.

For not in military powers do we trust,
nor can arms save us.

For only in You can we put
our fears to rest,
and transform them into peace.

In You, O Gracious One, do we give thanks,
and forever will we offer You
our songs of praise.


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