Finding Humanity: May 20 – 26

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In the midst of this crisis in which we live, we want to share with you some good weekly news, news of hope, important or simple acts and gestures that unite us as a community of men and women of faith-driven by the force of hope.

Pope Francis: Mission is free gift of the Spirit, not result of strategies

Pope Francis sends a message to the Pontifical Mission Societies, and urges them to avoid self-promotion and to thank God for the gift of being missionaries. 

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Laudato si’: “Gospel of creation” is the key that unlocks its meaning

Five years ago on May 24th, Pope Francis published his second encyclical, Laudato sí. Cardinal Turkson explains how it got its subtitle, how care for creation is connected with worship, and St Francis of Assisi’s vision of creation.

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An opportunity to put our lives in order

Father Federico Lombardi looks ahead to the future that awaits us: the Lord’s time, rediscovered during this emergency, is a source of meaning for the rest of the space of our existence.

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Religious vows offer wisdom as we experience this epic uncertainty

How does one choose to commit for life in the midst of epic uncertainty?In early March, I was in the thick of preparing to request final vows. After three years as a temporary professed sister, I had no real hesitations about going all in. The prior months of discernment had not surfaced any second thoughts, regrets or misgivings. My life and my identity as a sister increasingly felt like a right fit.

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Airline Staff Support Healthcare Workers

Something as a simple as being handed a cup of tea with a smile can make a world of difference ☺️ We’ve launched in Surrey to help make even more NHS heroes smile 💙

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In Stockport, England, two teddy bears are bringing their neighbors joy with their antics

Ted and Ed are two teddy bears that reside in the English city of Stockport. Every day, their neighbors are treated to various scenes of their lives, from camping to mowing the lawn, to relaxing with a spa day.

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The peak of quarantine humor? A boss accidentally turning on the potato filter during a call, and being unable to change it

Maybe our standards for humor are steadily decreasing as we remain isolated — or maybe this is just hilarious.

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This dad is recreating Starbucks, the movie theater, and McDonald’s for his daughter inside their home — and no detail is left out

TikTok star Mia Finney has been sharing her father’s hilarious efforts on the app, showing her dad playing every role necessary to make her experience as authentic as possible. 

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