Humility, as described by Thomas Merton

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All the attributes of God (mercy, compassion, forgiveness, inclusiveness) have, through love, through humility, become our own.

Through God becoming human – one like us in every way – God gave the human person all the attributes of God. We have within us (we know for sure because of this act of love) all the attributes of God. They come alive, are active, if through our humility, we let go of everything that is not. In becoming humble, i.e., through humility, one’s spirit is “delivered of all the limitations of creaturehood.” Somehow, God’s power, magnificence, greatness and eternity, through love and humility (the Incarnation) become our own.

Can you imagine? Through the Incarnation, through the act of God becoming human, we have within us, all the attributes of God. This doesn’t make each one of us God, but if we can be humble, we can awaken within us the attributes of God. We can love like God. We can accept like God. We can be compassionate like God. We can forgive like God. We can include like God. Through these acts, or ways of being, we can embrace, include, see past color, or creed, or gender, or politics. If we are humble.


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