Spirituality of Incarnation

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Commitment and Contemplation are two complementary aspects of the Spirituality of Incarnation.

The New Testament radicalizes and prolongs the experience of God in history, through the Incarnation of the Son of God in Jesus of Nazareth. Since then, as Dubius, we discern the updated passion of Jesus in the suffering of men and women and know we are committed to the pain of the world.

There is also another mystical aspect of the Spirituality of the Incarnation, which is clearly contemplative. Affirming that both the Word and the Spirit are related to the mystery of creation.

Through Incarnation, the Word summarizes the entire universe. This conviction led the ancients to speak about the Cosmic Christ and the action of the Spirit in the energies of the universe and life. This omnipresence was experienced by Saint Francis of Assisi, who saw in each being of creation, from the sun and the moon to the birds and the snail on the road, as the Sacrament of God and as brothers and sisters.

Therefore, Incarnation is God sharing his treasure. In the peak of times, delivered to Mary. Mary is the symbol of humanity and me. I am called to incarnate the Word, experience the Mystery realized in Mary.

The Father gives me his Word, as to the Loved One. He visualized me to be together with his Son.

Yes, everything was created for Him, I was born for Him. Leading me to revere my fellows and revere creation.

WE AS CONGREGATION CCVI IN ALL ITS FORMS OF COMMITMENT wish to celebrate life. Acknowledging the presence of the Mystery across all of creation. Recognizing the Incarnate Word, Cosmic Christ, the heart of the Universe. We wish to live devoted to Him, humbly alongside and together with other beings, while responsible and co-creators with Him. With an ecological and solidary mindset.

By Sr. Lourdes Urrutia.


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