Immigration: A Much Talked About Subject Today

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Immigration: A Much Talked About Subject Today

There is no doubt about it! Immigration has been in the news regularly, especially since unaccompanied children started arriving in larger numbers over a year ago.

The United States has always welcomed immigrants and there has always been a place for them. Almost all of us can track our ancestors back to the time when the immigrating family left a home country to come to America. The first members of the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word were immigrants, missionaries who came to help and serve the immigrant population. Today we continue that service in El Puente Hispanic Ministry, located in Jefferson City, Missouri. From there, we share this special story:

It is not unusual for staff member Nena Neal’s phone to ring at odd times of the day and night with requests for her help. This winter the Spanish-speaking mothers of two new babies, one boy and one girl, gave birth with Nena present to provide interpretation and support.

After the births, she helped the parents with the necessary paperwork and made sure the mothers understood postpartum instructions. Simple tasks, but ones that can mean so much when one is in a strange land. When performed by caring persons with a loving heart, these simple things become unforgettable, for acts of goodness, kindness, and thoughtfulness are never forgotten.

Thank you for your donations and for participating in building memories such as those experienced by the two immigrant families and by many others we are privileged to serve.


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