Joyful Gathering at Week-long Vocational Retreat in Mexico

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Joyful Gathering at Week-long Vocational Retreat in Mexico

We are happy to share that six young women participated in the CCVI Vocational Week 2017 at Casa San Ángel, at the retreat held earlier this year from July 16 to July 24. We express our gratitude to the Incarnate Word for the presence of these young women who are trying to give an answer to the calling from the Incarnate Word.

The young women were attentive to this search and they participated joyfully in the different activities that were organized every day. We are grateful for the support we received from the Divine Providence Community and the Holy Family Community and from Sister Bertha Elena Flores Almeida and the staff at Casa San Ángel, who helped us to make this week a significant experience for these young women. We are praying for them so they can give an answer to God’s calling in our Congregation.

The young women expressed that they felt accompanied, listened and respected in their process, and the most significant thing for them was listening to the Sisters’ life testimony and about their answer to God’s calling in the road they have followed in Consecrated Life.

I am grateful to the CCVI Sisters Magda S. Torres Pérez, Rosa Margarita Valdés Tamez, María Cardoza Cabrera, Cristi Vargas Rivera, Tere Vázquez Hernández, and to Father Carlos Aguilera, for accompanying us as lecturers in the topics developed with these young women during the week. We thank each one of them because, at a personal level and with a willingness to share, they helped these young women to have the desire to continue in this process. I give thanks to Sister Alba Castellanos Polonio who is my team-mate in this noble task.

Let us continue praying together and I invite you that, according to your possibilities and gifts, you may participate in this beautiful task of being witnesses of what God does continually in the life of young women, as He moves them in a calling to Consecrated Life. We need to continue to work for Vocational Pastoral in order to accompany the young women who have decided to say “YES” to the Incarnate Word as Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word.

In the Eucharist celebrated by Father Carlos Aguilera these young women were invited to bet for God’s dream in each one of them and to overcome any fear when saying “Yes” to Jesus, the Incarnate Word.

We express our gratitude to God for each one of them, who made this week a wonderful experience for these young women.

By Sister Ángela Hernández Sánchez, CCVI Vocational Pastoral Team in Mexico.


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