Nature’s Daily Inspiration Series – Conservation Easement Reflections: Sor Petrita Peña, CCVI

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Protection in perpetuity for the only nature sanctuary in the heart of San Antonio.

Creation is a gift from God. I am convinced that Earth is the most beautiful gift that God has given humanity. God placed it in our hands so we could take care of it, respect it and love it.

There is something we can do every day to care for Earth, because loving God’s creation is a way to collaborate and watch over the wellbeing of the most vulnerable people in a special way. This is a dynamic process, a joint process, similar to what we can see when organic fertilizers (composts and/or earthworms) connect with the soil. All of us should work together so that Earth may continue to produce its fruits.

It is urgent for us to have a healthy world. LAUDATO SI reminds us that everybody can do something to protect the Earth that has been entrusted to us. Because, as Saint John says, Jesus has come so we “may have life and have it in abundance.”

I have not yet lived the experience of knowing this space; however, I know that it is an ecological reserve and that it fosters life. I am convinced that every action and every space that is devoted to preserve nature promotes our love for God. For this reason, for me, Headwaters is a blessing because we are taking care of a small section of God’s creation. It is a space that undoubtedly promotes ecological relation and inter-relation. Headwaters is our answer, in San Antonio, to have commitment for our common home. It is the way we protect the life cycle.

Sor Petrita Peña, promoter of Ecological Projects.

We invite you to find more information on Headwaters at Incarnate Word’s Facebook page.


On the header, Sor Petrita Peña in Mexico.


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