New Grant Funds from the Wabash Center for “Critical Thinking, Compassion, and Paths to Civic Engagement” Workshops

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All San Antonio university and college educators invited to participate in virtual workshops

“San Antonio has the dubious distinction of the highest percentage of people living in poverty among the 25 largest U.S. cities and of being one of the most economically segregated cities with huge gaps in neighborhoods, education, job opportunities, housing and medical care availability,” said Kirk, a Sister of Charity of the Incarnate Word, founders of UIW. “Since 1718, students have learned about the divine, but they have not always been guided to recognize their neighbors as created in the image of the divine and have not been guided to unite for equity for others.”

These efforts are in keeping with the Mission of the University of the Incarnate Word to help students become the concerned and enlightened citizens that the world needs now more than ever. The workshop empowers educators outside the UIW system to shape their students in a similar manner by stressing the significance of active compassion and its implications.


Faculty Graduate Research Assistant (FGRA) Award 



The Faculty Graduate Research Assistant Award was established to provide faculty with research assistance for their scholarly endeavors leading to publication and to provide institutional financial support to graduate students within the context of a mentored research experience. This year’s recipient is Sr. Martha Ann Kirk, ThD, professor emeritus of Religious Studies for her project, “Identifying Needs, Developing, Assessing Service-Learning Support, Pilot of Four-Year Longitudinal Study on Social Justice Transformation.” This project seeks to give to future generations our legacy of justice-seeking compassion, which began 150 years ago.


On the header: “Girls of St. Joseph’s Orphanage, 1885.” After about 10% of the population of San Antonio had died of plagues in the 1800’s, Mayor Wilhelm C.A. Thielepape begged for assistance and the first Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word came. Soon the community urgently needed help for the many orphans. (Photo from the archives of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word).



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