Our Mothers: the Honey of Life

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Ever since we come into this world, our mothers lead us to experience the love of God, giving us their affection and the food and tenderness we need to live fully.

We all know that one of the most important tasks of a mother is to feed her children, especially in their first years, and this task becomes the first expression of love that human beings receive.

Holding a baby in her arms when she feeds him, allows the baby to realize that he is loved and to recognize the support he will receive in order to respond to his needs, even when those needs change as the child grows up and becomes part of this new world.

A gift that is less recognized, but that is perhaps more transcendent, is the honey that our mother gives us. In the words Erich Fromm:

“Honey is a symbol of the sweetness of life, the love for life and the happiness of being alive. Motherly love, in its second stage, instills in the child the love for life and not just the desire to remain alive.”

Thus, nurtured by milk and honey, we grow up knowing that we are special persons; that we are valuable and are willing to serve the world and to contribute to it.

Pope Francis has taught us that, just like the Virgin Mary, mothers are able to take care of their children with love so they may assume their responsibilities and commitments, feeling sure of themselves and convinced that they can aspire to the greatest ideals.
With her example, the Virgin Mary teaches us and invites us to give the honey of life, calling us to live with joy and strengthening us in our faith, so we may accept the will of God with the certainty that his love will allow us to respond to the challenges we find on the road.

Thus, each mother has been gifted with unique qualities that will make her irreplaceable. A mother represents, to her children, the face, the hands and the strength of love.

In modern times, many mothers face great difficulties to find a balance between their life at work and their family life. Some of them have little time to be with their children, while others give up their professional ideals in order to be at home and accompany their children.

Regardless of the road they may chose, the meaningful point is that, just like Mary, they may continue to be a good example for their family and for society, nurturing with milk and honey the different stages of life in order to fill the world with persons who live fully and are willing to build the kingdom of God on Earth.

Happy Mother’s Day!

On the header: En el encabezado: Rafael, La Madonna Niccolini-Cowper, 1508.


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