Reflections from Casa Claudio

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Dear Sisters:

Nearly 5 years ago we began a project at Magdalena Atlazolpa under the shelter of a dream: to continue our CCVI presence in this area of Iztapalapa, to make God’s love tangible in this human reality where violence and the lack of resources scream that it is urgent for us to approach them as Sisters. At that moment, we felt the strength and blessing of the Congregation, you encouraged our steps, and the voice of Jesus called us to take risks, to kindly see the fragility of us and the people, acknowledging that together we could know that we were capable of prompting changes to rebuild the social fabric.

In December 2019, the Project was assessed in this operational and administrative areas, leading to substantial recommendations.  The relevance of the programs was recognized in view of providing care for the families and deemed that the use of this space was in need of new strategies to become self-sustainable.

One of the recommendations was to carry out a theory of change study, to look prospectively, to build future scenarios that would allow us to channel our energies towards clear goals with a deep and systematic scope.

After the most intense period of confinement due to the pandemic, the study was resumed with the advice of Mr. Rodrigo Bustamante and Karen Roque. Taking approximately 3 months, the report was delivered on October 16.

This time has been a great opportunity to ponder many questions, but above all to value each effort made, each step is an achievement. When we look at the processes of the community and families – including this critical period in a health emergency – we can say that there is a beautiful harvest. 7 Projects on the topics of health and comprehensive well-being, emotional care and the reconstruction of the social fabric, together with training and sports programs. This is made possible by the grant we have received from the Christus Fund and the Hilton Fund for Sisters; in addition to the alliances that we have made, especially with the CIW Incarnate Word University Center, Center for Research and Social Action, CIAS for Peace, PoderSer Therapists Training Center; and more recently with the Center for Youth Integration (CIJ), Luis Pasteur Foundation, and the IBEROAMERICANA CDMX University. We have also found allies in the community itself, generous leaders who provide their constant and unconditional support.

Long before the Casa Claudio project arrived, the space was already shared with the ecclesiastical community. For over 35 years, the religious services of the Santa Rosa de Lima parish, to which the Magdalena town belongs, have been provided in this space.

By taking a historical journey through the heart of what we have lived by grace, we feel the confirmation of God. He continues inviting us to wear ourselves out in favor of His people in this highly loved space in Magdalena. In fact, Mary Magdalene has become our companion, to make us the teacher’s disciples and serve the community. There are many testimonies that encourage us to continue. At this moment we have two projects to train leaders in the incubation stage: “heart healers” and “community caregivers.”

We continue to trust in divine Providence, as it has assisted us from the start, and we are sure that it will continue to do so. Let’s prepare our 5th Anniversary by renewing our commitment, now that the pandemic has led us to feel other pains of multiple griefs and economic crisis. We know that we continue to count on your prayers and blessings.

By Sister Teresa de Jesús Vázquez Hernández.





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