About Ross’ Jubilee

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About Ross’ Juibilee

We don’t know what is the best of all, the preparation or the celebration, because Ross’ celebration in the Novitiate started many days before, when they were thinking about the place for the celebration, the type of decorations to be used, the delicious dishes, the music, the environment, the cleaning tasks and the details regarding accommodations, everything had to be ready for the celebration day…

About Ross’ JuibileeHow does it feel to celebrate a Golden Jubilee in the Novitiate?   

It is something very beautiful that you don’t want to finish. There is joy, coordination, spontaneity in creativity and a collaboration spirit which is very catching.   

“Be happy in the Lord always; I repeat: be happy and show everybody the signs of a very open spirit”

One of the most exciting aspects of this environment of gratitude, was the arrival of the Sisters who were invited: the Life and Mission Group, Ross’ friends and the Sisters who were under Ross’ responsibility in the Novitiate in previous years… 

The celebration was on May 18, at the Novitiate House in Zapopan, Jalisco. It started with a special “Mañanitas” song which we sang in the dining room during breakfast. Before one o’clock, we were already at Saint Cayetano Parish, preparing the Eucharistic Celebration with the flowers we selected because we know how much Ross likes them. 

The Priests, the friends of the Community, the Sisters of the Congregation of the Sacramental Heart of Jesus [Congregación del Corazón de Jesús Sacramentado] and the members of other congregations, as well as people from the nearby community, formed the group that participated in the songs and in the readings that were chosen. Both priests joined their faith to the sense of friendship and gratitude with which they were invited.

After the Mass, we went home. The house was decorated with original festival ornaments that the Novices prepared and that were placed on the branches of the huge tree which offered us its shade during the meal. The tree trunk was decorated with Sister Ross’ initials and the number of years she is celebrating (50)…

About Ross’ JuibileeAfter the meal, we had a toast with clericot, followed by music and the participation of a wonderful artist who enlivened the participants, who were also invited to dance at the rhythm of very appropriate music. The food was excellent: beat tacos, a variety of sauces, etc., served by a specialized team. At the end, we had cake… but the celebration continued, and the guests sang spontaneously around the fire, with the help of the Karaoke. We also had sausages and/or marshmallows, soft drinks and joy until late at night…

Now we can ask Ross if she enjoyed her Jubilee Celebration… I think we responded to the calling of God’s Word that has always invited us to be happy.   

 I wanted to keep my heart for you…


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