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CCVI-CSI Project Enters its Third Year:  A Look at Key Accomplishments:  January 2024

As we enter our final year of Hilton funding, the CCVI-CSI Project continues its mission with a focus on the future of the project.  Sustainability of current activities is of foremost importance in serving our most impoverished communities in the United States and Mexico.  Expansion of the project’s successful interministerial and intercongregational approach to building partnerships and networks is key to ensuring new communities and countries can benefit from our best practices and lessons learned.  Below, the CCVI-CSI Project shares key benchmarks reached and future plans as it enters its third year of operation.

The CCVI-CSI Advisory Board Has Been Busy

The board has awarded a total of $682,433 to 48 ministries for education, healthcare, family support and agricultural/artisan efforts through third quarter of year two.

Current Ministries, Congregations, and Partnerships in the Project to Date

A total of 34 awards were approved in the US and Mexico to address four critical needs areas

  • 58 Ministries enrolled in project, 48 of these ministries have been project funds.
  • 133 Congregations enrolled in project
  • 11 Estimated religious affiliates
  • 75 Religious Sisters participate in the funded project activities
  • 64 Partnerships developed

Serving People in Need in the United States and Mexico

Over 271,000  persons have been served since January 2022 by one or more of the project’s activities.  From a humble start of 25 ministries, 22 congregations and 80 religious sisters, the project has grown to 58 ministries and over 133 congregations, and counts over 527 Religious Sisters participating in the project.

The CCVI-CSI Project Has Begun to Plan Ahead and Expand its Reach

The Religious Sisters Leadership Training (RSLT) effort has had 284 sisters enrolled in training through two training cycles.   The current cycle has 128 sisters enrolled as of September 2023.  These sister’s training will continue until February 2024.

Keeping the Faith — Positive Feedback on Sustaining Our Efforts

  • Martha Quiroga, CCVI’s, Director of Development and Communications, was invited to participate in a Hilton Foundation Catholic Sisters initiative meeting Mexico city, Mexico, to discuss current and future plans for the USA & Latin A  The CCVI-CSI Project was able to explore opportunities to continue its current project as well as expanding its efforts in Religious Sisters Leadership Training.
  • A half-day CCVI-CSI Project showcase is planned for April 2024. The showcase will feature some of the project’s activities and accomplishments throughout its 2.5 years.

Highlighting our Student Serving Learning (SSL) component of CCVI-CSI Project

The SSL component of the project has been key to project activities.  Ministries are demonstrating the importance of receiving both technical, business, and hands-on support from both universities’ ssl programs.  A total of 22 projects have incorporated ssl activities at their sites.

Some examples of SSL are noted below:

  • Holy Family Refugee Center, El Paso, TX – Translators, doing intakes, organizing necessary paperwork for travel and final destinations, medical background to help with testing for COVID and sick refugees;
  • Quijotes of San Antonio, Oaxaca City, MX –  Medical and Interprofessional Educational Missions
  • MIRN (Red por Migrantes, Inmigrantes y Refugiados, San Antonio based Bi-national project– Business and Sales Plan Development
  • Chilcuautla, Hidalgo, MX – Legal/tax consulting and marketing assistance, University of Irapuato

SSL Students assisting with dental molds with the Quijotes Medical Mission 2023

SSL Teaches Marketing techniques to Chilcuautlan Women to sell artisan Textiles

SSL Teaches Marketing techniques to Chilcuautlan Women to sell artisan Textiles


Results! Results! Results!

 Thank you to our CCVI-CSI Project board, staff, partners, stakeholders, and dedicated ministries and congregations for their leadership in delivering results.

We have tremendous results and proven strategies in serving our U.S. and Mexico underserved communities and beyond.

We are positioned to sustain our efforts and build upon these to achieve even larger rewards and blessings!!!


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