Easter Reflections

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Easter Reflections

“In Risen Jesus, death has no room”

The joy experienced during Holy Week is evident in the social media with photos of missionary groups full of smiles, many pictures playing endless hours with the children of the community, Easter lived in community, people enjoying the well-deserved vacation, praying the Via Crucis with all kinds of social intentions. Then, the third day comes when we pass the light of the candle from hand to hand celebrate. We sing Glory, Hallelujah, He is Risen! We hug each other and return to normal.

The normality in which the attacks continue, the struggles in the government are still present, people continue to disappear and homicides and femicides have not been reduced. Global warming has not diminished, and reefs continue to be lost. My little friend diagnosed with cancer is not free from it.

A week ago, we believed and felt deep joy. Now, Jesus will again appear at the center offering us his peace. There will be those who do not believe, because reality has not been transformed. And there will be those of us who keep fighting every day so that, with our small contribution, we continue confronting death. Because in Risen Jesus, death has no room. Centered in the Risen One, we embrace the joy even without seeing the transformation and we continue living the received command to share peace.


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