Echoes of the Jubilee

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On Sunday, October 13th, we celebrated the birthday of Sr. Maria de Lourdes Nava at Casa San Angel in a fraternal and very deserving manner. To many of us, Sisters and Associates, Sr. Lourdes is our “mothercita.”

Constructive messages abundantly came together during the Eucharist: the liturgy of the Word itself (Lk. 17, 11-19), focusing on gratitude and indifference; the words of Sr. Mari Cruz Iñiguez; the homily.

Here’s the breakdown:

Paraphrasing a few messages by Mari Cruz and Father Alejandro Maldonado.

Mari Cruz described “mother” as an intelligent, fighter woman; with solid Christian and human principles, formative, partner on the path, sensitive to those around her, attentive, woman of prayer and faith, promoter of community life, life promoter in every sense, who has trusted the Father-Mother God, God of life…

Moving on to one of the homily’s traits: the need we have as believers, believers in Jesus Christ, Incarnate Word, our Teacher and Messiah. Our life focuses on Him, our reason for being. Returning to the healed lepers, only the “Samaritan” returned to bow down before Jesus, praising and thanking for all that was done for him; the other nine, Jews, do not return to thank or praise Jesus, they seem concerned about “obeying the law.”

My reflection: May the gift of Faith and Love grow, increase, be pleaded during our Jubilee. May the fulfillment of certain rules, sometimes subtle, not imbalance us from the fundamental, essential, unconditional love for our God in Jesus Christ, for others.

Come walk with us, Blessed Mary, come…

All of us members of the family of the Incarnate Word vibrating in the sustained “Kairos” of God for our humanity, let us show gratitude, “because his love and mercy” are eternal.

“A life for God, a heart for others.”



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